The Advantages of Using Renewable Energy ?>

The Advantages of Using Renewable Energy

With the current economy and state of the planet, consumers have continued turning to using various forms of renewable energy in many applications throughout their lives.

One of the most effective types of renewable energy is solar. While solar provides numerous long-term benefits, it also results in potential cost savings for consumers as well.

Take a look at this helpful video to learn more about the advantages of renewable energy.

Five of the Most Popular Types of Land Surveys ?>

Five of the Most Popular Types of Land Surveys

People generally believe that land surveys consist of tracing boundaries around properties, this is not the case. There are quite a few types of surveying that are used in various industries. A key component to land surveying is definitely boundaries but there are surveyors and surveys that service the environmental sector, the construction industry etc. Nearly anything that deals with having to measure our environment can fall under the category of surveying.


When determining the type of survey you need, call a company that specializes in professional land surveys so they can direct you in the right direction.

Here are the most popular types of land surveying and a brief description of each:

1. Boundary Survey

The most common form of land surveying is in fact boundary survey, it would be nearly impossible to enforce basically any law that pertains to land ownership without the services provided by boundary surveyors. A boundary survey takes place in order to establish or at times re-establish boundary lines and property corners. A boundary Survey includes everything that is needed to sell or buy a piece of land, regardless of who is buying or selling.

2. Mortgage Survey

One of the simplest yet most frequently used type of boundary survey is in fact the mortgage survey. A mortgage survey helps to determine building locations and land boundaries. Lending institutions and title companies generally require a mortgage survey when in the process of providing any kind of financing. This is to prove that no structures are encroaching on the property and that any structures that are on the property meet current building and zoning codes. If you ever were to require a mortgage survey, it is crucial that a licensed surveyor be the one providing you with an officially licensed survey.

3. Natural Resource Survey

A natural resource survey would be typically used by corporations that are involved with the extraction of oil, minerals or other natural resources. If a company is attempting to establish a new mine or oil well, a critical part of the process of being able to extract resources falls on the shoulders of surveyors. Specialized education as well as certification is generally required by this type of surveying, this is to guarantee the utmost highest standards of conduct. If natural resources were to be discovered on an individual’s property as well as any circumstances in which water wells were involved, a natural resource survey would be necessary.

4. Topographic Survey

A topographic survey shows the contours and elevations of a property or land. Man-made features such as fences and buildings as well as features which are natural to the land such as hills, rivers, trees etc. are shown. A topographic survey depicts all of the lands physical features, it is most commonly used for the design or plan of any projects that will take place in a certain area of land in the future.

5. Construction Survey

During the process of building a new structure or property, a construction survey will be used. Something as simple as squaring up a house foundation or garage to something as complicated as building a new factory or highway bridge will require a construction survey. The ground is where any new construction will begin, this is why this process required surveyors.

Finding A Reputable Home Appraiser For Solar Projects ?>

Finding A Reputable Home Appraiser For Solar Projects

Buying or selling of residential property is a huge investment decision. Most people don’t really need a home appraiser but it’s prudent to look into hiring one if you’re planning on buying or selling your property. Of course, you need to look into hiring a competent and reliable one if you want the best appraisal. Here are a few tips to help you find the best one for the job.

Service Area

Where does the appraiser offer his/her services? That’s the first question you need to answer when looking at real estate appraisers. Look for one that works in your specific locality. An appraiser from a different state or country might not be as knowledgeable as a local one. A local appraiser would have first-hand knowledge of the area and as such is the best bet to getting a good appraisal on the property.

Years Of Experience

How long has the appraiser been in business? Keep in mind that the real estate appraisal business is quite difficult. Therefore, the best appraisers should have at least five years or more years of experience. When looking for a good home appraiser check the credentials to make sure that any candidate you’re looking to hire has been around for that long. That way, you can rest assured that your house is in the best hands.

Training And Education Background

Before hiring any appraiser, you need to check into his/her educational background as well as training. Different states are always coming up with new educational and training requirements. Therefore, the best appraisers are always updated on the latest requirements for their job. On the other hand, a good appraiser should be licensed and certified by the right body to qualify for the job. Check each candidate’s credentials before hiring to make sure each one meets the recommended educational and training requirements to become a real estate appraiser.


If you do lots of research, you can always find the best local appraisers from notable sources such as the Yellow Pages, Chamber of Commerce and much more. Don’t rush into hiring the first one you find with gathering a list of references. You can always ask for referrals to the best Chicago appraiser from attorneys, accountants, real estate agents or relatives who have worked with anyone previously. Of course, you also need to do an in-depth interview to make sure that any candidate you’re looking to hire meets the criteria.

Handling The Appraisal Process

Yes, you might go through the whole process of searching for a real estate appraiser in your locality but the individual might send an assistant or colleague to handle the process. It’s understandable that the best appraisers might not have enough time to appraise all the houses on their lists. However, you should insist on getting the appraiser himself or herself. Certainly, the people that an appraiser sends to the property might not have good credentials such the whole process would have been a waste of time.

Keep these tips in mind to find the best home appraiser in your location.

Ways A Solar Panel System Can Save Money For Homeowners ?>

Ways A Solar Panel System Can Save Money For Homeowners

The initial outlay to have a residential solar system installed may seem extreme, but the cost savings in the long run will mean that you can quickly recoup the initial costs as well as save money on your monthly power bill.

There are a number of ways in which this cost saving is achieved.

1. Government Incentives And Programs

Before you install a solar system in your home, call your local city council and find out more about the incentive schemes and programs they have in place. Due to the huge strain on local power grids and an effort to encourage the public to be more environmentally friendly, there are a number of ways in which you can save money on installing a solar system.

Incentives provide you with a discount on a solar system and can have additional tax breaks. Some states also offer installment plans with zero down payment to make the conversion to solar energy more affordable for everyone. To learn more, you can find information about your specific state on energy.gov/savings. Also, you may be eligible for other solar tax credits as well.

2. Your Power Bill

Depending on the type of solar system you have installed, you can save on your monthly power costs or eliminate them entirely. Going totally off the grid is more expensive and requires a more complicated system, but it means that you may never have to pay for your electricity again.

If you just install a partial system that only takes care of the heating requirements of your home, you will see a decrease in the amount of power you use. This small saving may not seem like much at the outset, but when calculated over a few years, the cost savings are phenomenal.

With continual increases in the cost of electricity, this power saving is more important than ever. Statistics show that the prices will continue to climb, and the sooner people make the move to solar energy, the more they are likely to save in the long run.

3. Pay It Forward

If you go totally off the grid, you may find that you have additional solar power that you aren’t using every month. In fact, even residents in Chicago can benefit from solar. You can read more about the specific potential and savings here: Solar Panels Chicago.

You can even go further by establishing a solar conversion program in your community. Find out if your neighbor is willing to put away the amount they are saving on their power bill by receiving free solar energy towards purchasing and installing their own solar system. In fact, solar customers in Naperville can benefit from these savings as well.

They can then begin paying it forward to their next neighbor and so on and so forth until an entire community, suburb, or even city is able to go off the grid. Find out if the government is willing to provide additional incentives to institute your community solar program.

Always remember that you will not just be saving money but also minimizing your personal impact on the environment.